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One of the things many of us love about crazy quilting is how time consuming it is. It's something we do by ourselves and for ourselves. I do enjoy the fact that it is a pastime I share with the Victorian women (who started it all) - it's a gentle art ; an exploration of thread, fabric, beads and self.
I always encourage my students to enjoy the "slow stitching" process; "being mindful of sustainability, simplicity, reflection" (quote from "Slow Stitch" by Claire Wellesey-Smith)   Slow and steady, staying present with each stitch and bead, not rushing off to find another thing to pop onto our work, before we have even completed the seam treatment we are working on. Start where you are and use what you have ( a favorite mantra of mine) - that includes your skill, time, fabrics, threads etc.
The first thing I say to my students is "enjoy the process, if at the end,  your work is beautiful, that is an added bonus". The beauty is in the doing.

Some embroidery that I am playing with at the moment.

Till next time. 
Jenny C



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