Goodbyes, or rather, Au Revoir (part 2)

Mary and Norrie drove from Brisbane to Maleny (quite a fair way) to join the workshops at Maleny Magic.

Mary was not quite sure what she was getting herself into.......................

She needn't have worried, she settled into the embroidery beautifully...........

Mary was the slow and steady one in the class..................

It paid off - her crazy project is beautiful and meticulous ...........

Mary told me that she had learned so many stitches and tried then all.

Beautiful silk ribbon looped flowers (page 88 Foolproof Crazy-quilt projects)

Feather stitch, spider web roses (page 91 Foolproof Crazy-quilt projects) and a few tufted buds ( page 93 Foolproof Crazy-quilt projects)

Beaded daisy (page 81 Foolproof  Crazy Quilting)

Agapanthus (page 86 Foolproof  Crazy Quilting)

Looped stitch flower (page 88 Foolproof Crazy-quilt projects) and stab stitch couching (page 91 Foolproof  Crazy Quilting) couched rickrack  (page 90 Foolproof  Crazy Quilting)
Mary used bought trims sparingly - twice, in fact, - my kind of crazy!

Spider web (page 88 90 Foolproof  Crazy Quilting)

Woven spiderweb flowers (page 74 Foolproof  Crazy Quilting) I love her colour chioce

Beaded rounded petals (page 83 Foolproof  Crazy Quilting) - her seam treatments are interesting but concise - LOVE!

Mary's Cretan stitch (page 72 Foolproof  Crazy Quilting) - neat and perfectly spaced.

I enjoyed having Mary in my class - calm, friendly, helpful. Hopefully, we will meet again.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share your gorgeous work, Mary.
Until next time.
Jenny C


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