Goodbyes, or rather, Au Revioir (part 1)

Saying goodbye to my students is tough for me................... most of my workshops span 6 months - so I get to really know people, lovely people - and I make strong connections with them.

So, we have come to the end of ANOTHER workshop with the Caboolture ladies. They gave me beautiful flowers and a very touching card from them all.

Ann came to me as a seasoned embroiderer.

We worked on a wool, silk ribbon and felt project.

Needless to say, it is glorious!

Stunning colour palette

A mixture of stitch techniques.


I did not get to take of photos of Elaine's work on my last lesson- waaaay too much on the go. Hopefully she will send photos through to me. Her work is gorgeous too.

Betty's work - always different and striking.

And Aisla - her work is always so very, very pretty and feminine. She greets me with the biggest hug at the beginning of every class - what a way to settle my nerves.

I did have a few "virgins" in this class but all my photos were shocking, Elaine or Ann, if you reading this could you ask Robyn and Louise to send me some photos, PLEASE??
Till next time
Jenny C


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