Gravitas - weight, dignity, presence (Oxford Dictionary)

Time and time again, I say that I feel so privileged to teach this beautiful fabric and embroidery art form. I have met (and made very special bonds) with so many women over the years.
Their work reflects their personality and what is important to them.
Rosemary joined my classes at the Patchwork Angel a few years ago (too many to count). We are kindred spirits; we are both from Africa and are immigrants in this beautiful country we now call home.

Rosemary's crazy quilting has gravitas, its the only word that I could find to describe her work.
She has kept, and treasured,  bits of clothing (her school dress, her father's silk pyjamas, her children's bootees etc etc) buttons, upholstery fabrics and has used them in her crazy.

Everything Rosemary attaches to her work is attached to her life. Even if the button or braid is not old, it is there for a reason - slow stitching at its best.

Letters from her children when they were young have been transferred to fabric and included in her hexagons.

Suffolk puffs made by a friend.......... I think the blue check is her school uniform.

Her son's school tie, the label and fabric from her school dress, linen from the iconic Victoria Hotel in Zimbabwe, an army badge.

Her new born child's foot prints, lace from her wedding dress..........hence the wedding button..........the elephant is a swing tag from an item of clothing.............

Her father's silk pyjamas............... the list goes on.

..........and on.......................

In a time when we can buy anything yet nothing is attached to us, Rosemary's work has weight, it counts for something - memories stitched reflects what is important to her; a life lived and her family.

A legacy for her children and grandchildren. Rosemary's work is special, very special.

Thank you, Rosemary. Thank you.
Till next time.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing Jennifer - definitely very special. xx

  2. Thank you, Lin. It's even better in the flesh with rosemary next to you talking you through the history of her bits and bobs.
    Jenny C


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