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What a busy year - teaching embroidery and crazy quilting

Its been a busy but good year, we also have another sweet, sweet grandchild. I so enjoy Instagram and post mainly there because its easy and quick. Blogger is not compatible with my ipad, so to post on this format takes a bit of effort. I am teaching a variety of classes now - not only crazy quilting! Quite a few of my students have been coming to my classes for 8 to 10 years now - so it's good to keep them stimulated! Elaine joined the "fabric collage" crew and created these three lovely collages.
                                                          Embellished and embroidered!

                                                Elaine is a bit like me - she loves colour!

                                        While her bestie, Elenore, prefers the more muted tones.

                     My bestie, Sue is coming to the end of her hexies ! Great work, Sue !                                             

                               And then, how I do so enjoy teaching …

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