teaching crazy quilting.................

It has just got real - we are so excited - a wedding in the family - wooohoooo. I cannot wait!!!!!!!! My son, Gareth to his beautiful Chloe.

Not that I need any more buttons - but I couldn't walk away. A tin of vintage colour and a jar of classic pearls. AND some flour sacks. One happy shopper.

I am finding the time to work on something new.

Back to my lovely students. For quite a few months now my "older" students have been working on their Brazilian embroidery. I thought it would be a nice change for them if I taught them something new.
This is Eleanor's work - she does love the delicate colours.

Cheryl W has just started her new project.

And Elaine, a girl after my own heart - we love colour!

Up close and personal As you can see I am not really going the tradition Brazilian - we are going a little bigger and more flamboyant - nice and free!

Linda is still working on her little squares - she has millions of them!!

Thankfully, that means she will be with us for a while..................

I LOVE this block..........................

Wendy M has started on a crazy teddy - very pretty, soft colours.

I am not great at taking photos lately - we are too busy chatting and stitching!!


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