A very pretty morning teach crazy at the Angel

The Thursday morning class turned out to be more of a party. Karyn J bought in the most deliciously pretty cupcakes for morning tea. THANK YOU, Karyn!


These beautiful crochet bouquets were made by Karyn for her new daughter-in-laws wedding.

Gorgeous!!!!! I love them......................

Cheryl H was in a very "vocal" mood too - we are putting the lace on her pretty purses.

Debby, my good friend and walking buddy - her Brazilian work is looking oh so pretty!

SO very very pretty!

My afternoon class had some truly amazing work on the go too - BUT for some reason (too much sugar perhaps) the only photo I took was of these ribbons secured by ladybug pegs belonging to Martina !!!!

See you soon Thursday girls!!!
Thanks again for allowing me to share your work.


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