Crazy classroom

As usual, the last Tuesday of the month was a hive of activity - a full day of crazy.

June joined the class for the first time - but by the look of her work - she does not need me at all!!

A close up of her lovely cushion - she has made a runner as well, in the same style.

Marie is working on her white on white crazy quilt - she found a few more treasures to add to her stash - trust me on this - she does not need to add to it!!!!!

All the girls in the classes have their own way of storing and transporting their "bits" - Cheryl has to do TWO trips to her car to unload her "equipment".........

Some girls have all the ribbons rolled up neatly and some don't ...........

Sue had a whole desk to herself today - so she spread out!!!!

Debbie is on the home straight with her black bag which she will be donating to STEMM next year at their next fundraising evening.....

I was such a happy girl - Rosemary made me one of her gorgeous Mary Poppins bags - oh happy day!!!!

Looking forward to seeing all the girls in a months time. Hopefully I will have lots of their work to show you all.


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