Feather stitch..................

I my first "crazy" post.

Feather stitch is possibly my favourite stitch. It is so versatile, easy to embellish and creates movement on a crazy quilt.

I used a pearl (8) for the feather - the lazy daisy and extended french knots add colour.

Pearl 8 for the feather ( 5 to the left and right) - sequins off metallic thread - ruched ribbon roses and lazy daisy for the leaves.

A few feathers - ribbon, pearl (5) - embellished with ribbon stitch and seed beads.

Feather - varied threads - seed beads.

Beaded feather.

A fat little bumble bee flying towards feather leaves.

All in a row.

Meandering pearl (5) feather - single strand feather with french knots added for texture - beaded buttons.

This is a single feather with ribbon lazy daisy and bullion knots.

A cluster of feather using a variety of threads - organza, silk, pearl and rayon.