Block #5 - Pattern #3

As I have said so many times before, I absolutely love teaching embroidery and crazy quilting. The classes keep me very busy and I get to meet so many lovely people. One of my new students gave me this beautiful little pincushion, the base of which is a walnut shell.

This tutorial will complete block number 5.

                                                      Block #5 - Pattern #3

                             Seam that joins piece #4 to pieces #1 and #2

                                                             Threads used:
                                                                   Perle #8
                                                                7mm silk ribbon
                                                             Nymo beading thread
                                                    Perle #16 (or two strands of DMC)
                                                               Small seed beads

                                                               Stitches used:
                                                                 Feather stitch
                                                                  Ruched rose
                                                               Single bead stitch
                                                                 Lazy daisy
                                                               Straight stitch
                                                          Colonial or French knot

1. If you repeat a feather stitch to one side - either to left or right - a zigzag shape is formed.  I created 4 feather stitches to right and then 4 to the left with a Perle #8. Try very hard to make sure that each feather stitch is a perfect V shape. Don't worry about creating the zigzag yourself, if you follow the feather stitch rules, it will create itself.

Feather stitch - FOOLPROOF CRAZY QUILTING - page 72

2. Form a ruched rose with 7mm silk ribbon on the pressure points of the zigzag feather stitch.

Lazy daisy - FOOLPROOF CRAZY QUILTING - page 72
Ruched rose - FOOLPROOF CRAZY QUILTING - page 78

3. Sprinkle a few lazy daisy leaves in 4mm silk ribbon along the straight side of the feather stitch.

Lazy daisy - FOOLPROOF CRAZY QUILTING - page 72

4. Between the leaves add little twigs made up of straight stitches and colonial or French knots.

Straight stitch - FOOLPROOF CRAZY QUILTING - page 73
Colonial knot - FOOLPROOF CRAZY QUILTING - page 71


                Seam that joins piece #5 to pieces #4 and #2

                                   Threads used:
                                                   Nymo beading thread
                                                           Perle #12
                                                          4mm silk ribbon
                                                            Perle #16
                                                            Small beads

                                  Stitches used:
                                                          Stem stitch
                                                          Fly stitch
                                                         Straight stitch
                                                       Padded straight stitch
                                                      Single bead stitch
1. Stitch down the gentle twists and folds of a ribbon along the seam. I have used a dark thread so that you can see where I have caught the ribbon. Obviously, you would use a more neutral thread.
Do not attach the button marked with an X as seen in this photo. I changed my mind and then forgot to take a new photo!

2. Attach the buttons along the seam - tucking one or two under the ribbon.
Next, with a Perle #12 and stem stitch, create a few gently curving branches.

Stem stitch - FOOLPROOF CRAZY QUILTING - page 73

3. Little padded straight stitches in 4mm silk ribbon make the sweetest little buds.
Padding a straight stitch creates dimension to the straight stitch.

Padded straight/stab stitch - FOOLPROOF CRAZY-QUILT PROJECTS - page 88

4.To create small twigs begin with a fly stitch.

Fly stitch - FOOLPROOF CRAZY QUILTING - page 72

Then add a straight stitch in the centre.

5. Continue adding as many twigs as you like and attach a bead to the end of the padded straight stitch.

Single bead stitch - FOOLPROOF CRAZY QUILTING - page 84

Amended seam treatments:

*** I added beads to the arms of the zigzag feather stitch***
*** In pieces #2 and #3 I extended the fern stitch seam treatment. These spaces looked a little bare but I did not want to just add anything to these spaces; simply to fill the space. I was happy with the balance of the block so extending the existing seam treatment pleased my eye and did not make the block overly busy. I prefer not to add "stuff' to my crazy simply for the sake of it. (hope this makes sense)***
*** There is an empty spot on the bottom right of the block next to the feather stitch. I will wait until I know the placement of all my blocks before adding anything to it. ***

Until next time.
Happy stitiching.
Jenny C


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