A video and little slow stitching project

C&T Publishers posted a little video (including a few giggles) chatting about my new book.

Click on the link below to watch!


You can purchase the book from them too!


I do a daily stitching exercise most days following the premise from the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. 

Instead of a "stream of consciousness" with words, I use stitches.

Sometimes they turn into something other days not. The object of the exercise is not produce or "end game" anything - simply let your mind and fingers stitch what they like. 

This daily stitching helps my ideas to stay fresh - I am so privileged to teach many embroidery workshops each month. However, it is important to me to not let my neural pathways take me in the same direction every time I pick up a needle and thread, and most importantly,  when I stand in front of a group of expectant students.

I never throw anything out - a scrap of fabric or an ort of thread.

I keep them in baskets or glass jars on my sewing table .................

These are what I use in my daily stitching.............................sometimes I include someones else's work (as in an old doily), or left over bits of my work - just whatever tickles my pickle!!!!

In this case, I did make something our of the daily practice...................

But I am just as happy if they are left in their little hoops for me to gaze at them.

Until next time

Jenny C



  1. These little pieces would be good as Christmas cards to a dear friend!!


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