Why I love crazy quilting.........................

There are so many things about CQ that I love - but one of the aspects I get the most pleasure from is teaching. I teach approximately 45 students each month and every piece of work is unique - no piece of CQ can be duplicated.

Whenever I am invited to give a talk on CQ I ask a few of my students if I may show off some of their work - it is this part of my talk I love the most.

Gwen has been coming to my classes for about 5 years - you can see from her work that she obviously does not need me any more. But along the years we have become friends - which is also such a bonus.

So please enjoy her magnificent work. It will take a few posts to get all her work shown.


  1. I'm doing my first crazy quilt and find Gwen's work absolutely inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I have been making 6 inch crazy quilt squares to give friends along with the "Burden Bear and poem when they experience a family member loss so these stitches are giving me new inspiration. Thanks!


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