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Block #9 - Pattern #1

We are onto our last block. Apologies for the slow down in the posts - but with the Covid restrictions being lifted here in Queensland, my classes are back on track and I have never been as busy teaching, which is lovely. We also welcomed a new grandchild to our family which is so wonderful AND we can travel interstate to visit our family!!! Oh, happy days! Block #9 - pattern #1 Seam that joins piece #7 to pieces #4, #2 and #5 Threads used: Perle #8 Perle #12 Perle #16 (or two strands of floss) 4mm silk ribbon Nymo beading thread Seed beads Small pearl beads   Stitches used: Feather stitch Beaded pointed petal/leaf Single bead stitch Lazy daisy Straight stitch Colonial knot 1. With a Perle #8 and a feather stitch ( 4 feather stitches to the left and 4 to the right) create a base for the seam treatment.   Feather stitch - FOOLPROOF CRAZY QUILTING - page 72 2. Form a pair of beaded pointed petals/leaves onto the feather stitch. Add a small pearl bead to the center of the beaded petal

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