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A special class and the Gympie Quilt and Craft Spectacular

My Instagram account was "stolen" a while back so I had to start over - this is the link to my new account I consider it such a privilege to be able to teach what I love to do myself; to embroider following no pattern, creating as I go. I was contacted by a previous student's daughter who wanted to give her Mom a "really special surprise" for her big birthday. She asked if I would spend a day with her Mom, working on an small embroidery project. As you know, Australia is a huge country and it was a big undertaking to get the birthday girl to my home. I was very moved by the request and, needless to say, the birthday girl and I had a lovely few hours stitching away. I love the native plants of my adopted country - the colours! English paper piecing (EPP) is my yoga and I always have papers and fabric on hand to stitch at night, in a the car/plane or in the garden. Another passion I have is to work with pre-l

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