Lee, a bonus to a workshop

As you know by now, I feel so privileged to be able to teach what I love.
One of the big bonuses is that I get to meet some very awesome people.
Lee came to be a part of my Caboolture workshops by accident. Somebody couldn't make it and she filled in. Lee was a complete novice when it came to crazy and she had no intention of ever doing it.
So, I think it came as a complete surprise to Lee when she discovered that she enjoyed crazy and was very good at it.

What I really love about Lee's work is that there is an exuberance to it all; from the colours, to the beading and the detail in each seam treatment. Her stitches are expansive and so very, very creative.

She enjoys the "doing" and it is so very evident in every seam treatment.

The amount of beading and additional stitches is astounding and done with so little stress about how the outcome should look. There is such freedom in that - and I love her for this quality.

Lee is great to have in a class: generous with sharing of her stuff, patient and will give anything a go, not at all daunted by a new stitch or the sewing of hundreds of beads!~

She loves a bit of quirk - which adds so much interest.

A button cluster to fill a corner and closed blanket stitch.

Her work is full - busy seam treatments that bump into each other but strong enough to hold their own. Take a look at the two feather stitches in this block - the top one with the little tassels and the pinkish one on the bottom left hand - almost unrecognisable as a feather!!!

I mean, don't you love this feather stitch treatment?

Ribbon and sequins.

I use masking to take to write down a few ideas for my students homework. I know for sure that Lee will create her very unique version of what I had in mind. I love that about her work.

Lee, thank you for filling that vacant spot in the workshop!!!! It has been a pleasure to get to know you.

And thank you so much for allowing me to share your beautiful crazy.


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