Miniatures and crazy quilting

This is a bit of the embroidery I did on a bag for my mom - wool on wool!

Bettye (Tuesday class) also spends her time making miniatures - look how tiny they are - the pink thimble gives you an idea of the size.

I mean, the strawberries!

Not to mention the prawns, oysters and tarts.

Back to crazy - Marie is making something new - using denim.

As you all know by now that these gorgeous hexies belong to Marie too.

Maureen - our new "virgin" in the class was so very pleased with her roses.

Gail, as usual, is doing something interesting and unique.

Gwen, my "oldest" student (been coming to my classes for over 9 years) is also onto something new.

Pretty hexies.

Very pretty hexies.

Some of my stuff I carry with me from class to class.

See you all soon.
Jenny C


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