A book bag

We have this special group that meet every fortnight at my home to "stitch/drink wine"
Letitia loves to write and as it was her birthday I decided to make her a book bag to take to her writing classes.

I dived into my stash of up-cycled men's jackets that I have found at thrift stores.

Found what I wanted and proceeded to remove the lining.

After measuring the book......................keeping the pocket detail.

I needed a few shapes - and I knew where I could find some - my friend Jane - the queen of the UFO's had plenty.

I simply stitched the shapes.

I had a few clamshells left over from the quilt I made for my mother so.............

I added them to the bottom of the bag.

However, my machine stitching was not the tidiest so I added a raggedy herringbone..

That meant I need to add a bit to the other shapes too.

Jane (the UFO queen ) had a lovely yellow and grey spot for the lining.

I made handles form cotton strapping that I found amongst my stash.

The evening was so much fun..........

Mexican theme

And a piƱata .

Till next time,