Woohoo - a finish!

Deb B joined my classes quite few years back. It was her treat - she saw the classes as a way to relax and socialise.

Deb very seldom did any work on her crazy at home - she worked with me in the classes so her project took a little longer to get finished.

As I always say, crazy quilting is not a race nor a competition.

Her work is jam packed with interesting stitch combinations.

Not to mention colour and texture.

Because she took her time we were able to add to the existing seam treatments............

............ not to mention the "fillers" - ants, sequins, bees etc. I always feel that the adjustments we make right at the end of the project are sometimes more important than the seam treatments themselves.

Deb was not deterred by me saying I think we need to add a little stab stitch there, or colonial knot here.

We may even have unpicked a few things.

Deb's class has been together for years now.

They are a unit, sharing beads, threads and stories.

They are a loud raucous bunch of women. so much so, that I sometimes forget that I am their teacher, I feel as though I just want to sit and chat.

She also does not mind if I pick up some of her blocks and add a bit here and there - like this little bird on its branch.

Her work is a testament to her attitude in life, I think. Just put one foot in front of the other.

Thank you, Deb, to your contribution to my classes..........

And for allowing me to share your work.

Jenny C


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