Sharon - a prayer flag

As you all know, I feel so privileged to be able to teach crazy quilting - one of the aspects I gain the most pleasure from is the people I get to meet.
Sharon, in one of them. Generous in spirit and gestures; making gifts and instigating conversation!

She introduced me to prayer flags earlier this year.
She has been working on one for a very special member of her family who is going through extremely hard times.

The attention to detail is testament to her love and compassion she feels towards her family member.

The words she has included are positive...........

and life affirming.

It is a very, very special piece of work.

She inspired me to make prayer flags for my son's wedding to Chloe.

I so enjoyed making them.

They fluttered in the wind spreading my silent prayers over the guests and, more importantly, the newly weds.

Thank you, Sharon, for everything.


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