Teaching with Foolproof crazyquilt projects

I have now been teaching at Maleny Magic for 18 months - its a beautiful drive up the mountain and the gardens are lovely too.

Bev's crazy is looking beautiful too..............

The blue background creates a striking backdrop to the embroidery.

Heather and Cilla are making the tea cosy from my book - Foolproof crazy quilting http://www.ctpub.com/foolproof-crazy-quilt-projects/- I encouraged them, just for a change, to use a single piece of fabric instead of piecing the cosy.

Heather cut up a jacket she has not worn in years

Isn't the red glorious.................

as is her embroidery.............

It's always so exciting for me to see what is created in my workshops.

I am so fortunate to teach this creative form of quilting.
Thanks for allowing me to share your gorgeous work, Heather and Bev.
Jenny C


  1. You truly are fortunate to be able to teach "in person", that really is the best way! I'm especially happy for you, missing this form of teaching myself I really do realize just how rewarding it is. Am also very happy for your students who get the benefit of your wealth of knowledge. Love your book also! Great projects! Hugs, Kathy

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you for your comment. you seem to be doing a great job of teaching on the internet - which must be rewarding too.
    Jenny C


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