Linda A's crazy

Linda belongs to the friendly "Fat Quarters" in Maleny.
She did the workshops with me about two years ago.
However, she has joined my workshops at Maleny Magic and after weddings and life getting in her way, she is now assembling her "little blocks of goodness "...

Linda's background fabrics are rich and traditional................. perfect to showcase all her gorgeous embroidery.

Like Linda, her work is neat and precise!!

Yet, she still creates movement and lots of texture........

Lots of detail and fascinating stitch combinations to discover...........

Little ants meandering along - I am sure they are on their way to check out her pointed beaded petals.................

Gorgeous button clusters, bees and feather stitch.

Ladybugs, buttons etc etc etc - so interesting, don't you think?

A spider and beaded daisy chain.

I must be very honest, I feel so privileged to teach crazy quilting to so many wonderful women.
Thank you, Linda, for allowing me to share your gorgeous work.