Rhonda's crazy quilting

Unfortunately, not many of the photos of the Rothwell group's crazy quilting are good enough to post. (I am hoping that Anita might send me some that are??????)
However, some of Rhonda's seemed to be ok.

chain stitch, silk ribbon embroidery and herringbone

As I stated, my photos are not great. The green in this photo appears way brighter than in the flesh. LOVE the beaded seam treatment.

Chevron, feather and ribbon work.

Bits of lace, beads and fern stitch

Lots of colonial knots, pinwheels and gorgeous roses

Spider, beaded chain and woven spider webs.

Rhonda's work was still in progress when these photos were taken but you can see that if the "bones" are good, the crazy will have good balance.

so, so, so pretty and delicate

Feather, wheat ear, couched ribbon.......................

What gorgeous roses to finish off with.

Thank you, Rhonda, for allowing me to share your work amongst all my classes.
I hope to see it completed.


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