Foolproof crazy quilting - Gwen's take

I still get a kick when I see my book being used by my students - especially those who have been coming to my classes for years..................

It seems like yesterday when I was so stressed about it being released.

I often talk about the lovely people I get to meet in my classes. Gwen is one of my "oldest" students - almost 8 years - she is now a lifelong friend.

Her work is gorgeous and she produces an extraordinary amount of it.
Here is her latest crazy - her take on seam treatments from my book.

Along with some other gorgeous is her work?

Buttons, herringbone and chain stitch................

...........chevron, Cretan and chain...............

Her work is busy, but the shape of her blocks are not compromised by over embellishing.

Luscious silk ribbon work..............

Did I mention ribbon work??

Fly stitch, Cretan and wheatear stitch...............

Beaded daisy chain.........

Button cluster, herringbone and ruched ribbon.

Thank you, once again, Gwen for allowing me to share you gorgeous work.


  1. I LOVE your book. Was just leafing through it this morning and wishing you had one on crazy quilted diamonds. BTW, is there another book in the works?

  2. Hi Arlene
    Yes, my second book will be released in January. If you would like me to draft a few patterns for diamond shapes just let me know and I will email them to you.

  3. Good evening from America! I can not wait to order your beautiful book. I noticed the wonderful sewing take along bag above in your post. Is there a name to the bag or instructions on how to make one? Kind regards

    1. Hi Trudi
      The bag was made for me by one of my students - however I think its called the bionic bag or something like that (its from Craftsy, I Think. I will try and get further info for you. The hoop on the stand is from a company here in Australia called Bonwicks.

    2. Jenny, Thank you so much for the answers. Now to cyber hunt for them! :)


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