Thursday at the "Patchwork Angel"

I have been teaching crazy quilting at the Patchwork Angel for about 8 years - wow - how time flies. Although I do travel and teach at other venues, The Angel is my home base, 8 classes a month there keeps me nice and busy.
At the beginning of this year, we started another beginners class on Thursday afternoon. These lovely ladies have now been coming to the crazy classes for 9 months and we are putting the finishing touches to their blocks.
I feel so fortunate to be able to teach crazy. I get to meet so many wonderful women, who share their stash, stories and friendship. It's a wonderful thing.
Ok, I will stop with the emotional stuff now.
Sharon's work is oh so pretty and her work is delicate.

Its quite difficult to keep a delicate colour palette delicate without making it look washed out - but Sharon did it effortlessly.

A few insects buzzing around.

A great little button cluster.

Feather stitches everywhere - my favourite stitch.

So much to see without losing the "shape" of the block. 

I am often asked why I very, very seldom include lace and motifs in my crazy. So, therefore, my students often don't include them in their work too. I am sure you agree that lace would have suited Sharon's work perfectly. Its not that I do not like the look of lace etc. but I personally much prefer to have embroidery or some sort of embellishments that we are able to create as seam treatments.

It's been so good teaching this group. Their work is diverse and interesting just like the women themselves.

THANK YOU Sharon for allowing me to share your work.