Thursday at the Angel.

Martina, is in the new Thursday afternoon class with Sharon.
Her work is all about colour - I LOVE colour.
Great button cluster!!!

Once again I would like to point out that I taught Sharon and Christina exactly the same stitches - and how different is their work??

Zigzag chain, feather stitch, herringbone and BLING!

The feather stich on the bottom right - WOW!

Christina's embroidery is strong and dramatic.

Sorry, Christina, I have your pretty wisteria upside down.

Now, how is this for pops of colour? So good.

THANK YOU Christina for sharing your work. (I seem to be missing 2 of your block??)



  1. So much beautiful eye candy Jennifer.
    The Hexies are just gorgeous, and so is everything else.
    Thank you for sharing so much beauty.
    Bear Hugs,


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