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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Silk ribbon embroidery - Ann from Caboolture (group 1) workshops

I am halfway through the workshops at Caboolture. I am so enjoying teaching this group of quilters and was very pleased when they asked me to stay on for a few more classes.

The last lesson we did was on silk ribbon embroidery and Ann has very generously allowed me to share her beautiful work.

Fuchsias  - a combination of the free form flower (page 91 in my book)  + ribbon stitch (page 77) + lazy daisy (page 76) + pistil stitch (page 73) Aren't Ann's glorious??

Spider web roses (page 79) + ruched rose (page 78) + lazy daisy (page 76) + feather stitch (page 72)

Gorgeous beaded feather stitch and silk ribbon flowers (page 48) - wonderful!

Lazy daisy flowers (page 76)

This beautiful seam treatment is found on page 44- gorgeous Ann!

Some more spider web roses and beaded feather stitch page 81

Feather stitch.

A very pretty button cluster.



Herringbone............................I love them all.

Feather stitch.

Thank you, once again, Ann for sharing your eye candy.


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