The lovely Mary's crazy quilting

Social media is great - after my book was published many people contacted me and some even sent me photos of their work. Mary, in particular, has been so generous  in all her comments regarding my book.  I so appreciate her taking the time to send me photos. I must admit though, I did "lose" them twice in amongst all my "stuff" on my Ipad. I was very happy to have discovered them while I was "spring cleaning" files over Easter.
She told me that she has made many of the individual hexagons as gifts for friends.

The little bird in the centre of this hexagon is a man's tie.

Please pop onto Mary's blog and have a look at all her work - it is beautiful and so varied. There is a photo of her hexagon quilt a few posts back.
Thank you, Mary, for all your positive feedback and allowing me to share your work. xxxxx

Linda (Patchwork Angel classes)  is "cooking with gas" with her crazy project.

Gail (Patchwork Angel classes) seems to be enjoying the Brazilian stitches I that I have been teaching since the beginning of the year.

Michelle's buttons ...............................

Dianna (from the Maleny Magic's workshop) has the most incredible antique fabric and clothing inherited from family members.

It's hard to believe that all this work went into ONE evening dress.
 Quite incredible, really.

More photos to come.



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