Vickie - Calondra workshops

It's great to be back teaching after a lovely Christmas spent with my family.

The Caloundra workshop is completed but thankfully I have some beautiful work to share.

I apologise for the poor quality of my photos. However, it seemed that I was very good last year and Santa gave me a beautiful new camera for Christmas. (I just need to figure out how it works!!)

Vickie is a very accomplished and beautiful embroiderer - so it was no surprise when she produced wonderful crazy quilting.

Spiders and seahorses.

Button clusters and fuchsias.

Beading and ruched roses.

Ants and bullions.

Did I mention that her work is beautiful?

Here's hoping that when the Caloundra group have joined their blocks they will let me know so I can take some decent photos.
Thank you so much, Vickie, for allowing me to share your work.


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