A New Year teaching crazy quilting.....

It's a new year and I am back teaching - I have two new classes at the Patchwork Angel and with various groups. Its going to be a busy year - which is nice.

One of the classes I teach is this little 6" sampler quilt.

However, I can live vicariously through some of my students - like Wendy B. I do not have the time to do everything I would like - so, with Wendy, I can suggest projects for her and we experiment on her work - such fun.

Cheryl - 2nd Tuesday of the month class - her work is beautiful and I so appreciate her enjoyment of my book (Foolproof crazy quilting) - this is her interpretation of the seam treatment found on page 54 - F's.

In fact, they are many seam treatment from the book in her work. But they look so different to mine which is good.

Her colour palette is gorgeous.

As is her work.

Bullion rose buds .

Button clusters and butterflies.

Once again, thank you Cheryl for allowing me to share your work.


  1. Wow! I was "OO" "OO" ing all through this post. I absolutely fell in love with those bullion rosebuds!!


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