CACA class - Joan M

As I have said sooooo many times - one of the things I love about teaching crazy quilting is that every students work is unique. I have taught the same stitches to 8 women at the Caloundra CACA and each has interpreted them in their own way.

Joan's colours are just up my alley.
Her work is expansive.........................

Joan's "stitch fingerprint" is on the on the big side - lovely and relaxed..............

...................a couched bow in progress..............

Feather stitch - my favourite stitch - wonderfully is the herringbone detail

.....................Joan's silk ribbon flowers were obviously well fertilized!!

Fly stitch + colonial knots + rouched ribbon roses = wonderful!

 Lovely work, Joan

See you all on Thursday at 12!!
Xx Jenny


  1. I have just been reading your blog and really enjoyed seeing all the work that you and your students have done. Wow just love it. I am working on a crazy quilt and have 25 blocks 50x50cm and am nearly completed them with just basic embroidery. I can now see what they really should look like and am now inspired by seeing all this lovely work. I wish I could attend your classes. sigh . Thank you for sharing your and the students work with me. Am I allowed to refer friends to see your blog for inspiration?

    1. Hi Susan
      I see that you are from South Africa - I was originally from Umhlanga - Durbs by the sea - We immigrated to Oz about 12 years ago. Feel free to share my blog - I have just had my first book published - I still cant believe it!!! It is for sale on Amazon - its called "Fool proof crazy quilting" - you can look "inside" the book on Amazon's site. You will see all my South African influences in my book. If you have trouble ordering one - let me know - my parents still live there - I can maybe organise something for you. Thanks again for your lovely comments!!XX

  2. Thank you so much for your reply and a huge congrats for having a book published. I am busy with a crazy quilt at the moment and don't have anyone near me with the knowledge of doing crazy embroidery so I am very dependent on what I see on the net. I have seen lots of blogs about crazy embroidery but not what I had in mind. But now I just love your blog and also the embroidery that you teach. I will not be making another crazy quilt. I have lots of other projects I am busy with but put them aside to get this huge project done quickly. hehehehe but as all things quickly has turned out now for 2 1/2 years I have been working on it. Now that I have seen your work I think that this is going to be a bit longer embroidery than I thought hehehehe, I am truly having such fun with all the embroidery and now see mine is just too empty, I need more embroidery in all 25 blocks.!!! May I use some of your pictures to help me get mine done. I am not a copy cat and will not share. Also I don't do exact embroidery I just use it for ideas and follow my own way I hope that you visit my blog please. I would love to buy your book and will accept to have it done through your parents if possible.


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