What a busy year - teaching embroidery and crazy quilting

Its been a busy but good year, we also have another sweet, sweet grandchild.
I so enjoy Instagram and post mainly there because its easy and quick. Blogger is not compatible with my ipad, so to post on this format takes a bit of effort.
I am teaching a variety of classes now - not only crazy quilting! Quite a few of my students have been coming to my classes for 8 to 10 years now - so it's good to keep them stimulated!
Elaine joined the "fabric collage" crew and created these three lovely collages.

                                                          Embellished and embroidered!

                                                Elaine is a bit like me - she loves colour!

                                        While her bestie, Elenore, prefers the more muted tones.

                     My bestie, Sue is coming to the end of her hexies ! Great work, Sue !                                             

                               And then, how I do so enjoy teaching those who have not embroidered before.
              Uellen, joined my classes and has just completed these little 6" squares for her daughters.

                              We saw her grow with confidence. She travels quite a way for the classes. 

         Let me just say that I am so proud of what she has produced. And best of all, so is she!

 Till next time, happy stitching!
Jenny C


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