Vintage fabrics and crazy quilting

Long time, not post again. Unfortunately, Blogger seems not to be compatible with my iPhone - that means I have to upload photos the long way!!!!!

For many years I have enjoyed working with vintage and repurposed fabrics - These hexagons (in the image below) are made up of fabrics ranging from the 30's to the70's - I very seldom plan any of my quilts so they evolve as they go - sometimes they work out great, sometimes not so much. However, I so enjoy the process of making the quilt that the end result that the end result hardly matters.

Another little project on the go.

Afternoon tea with the hexie quilt - I have since added doilies to it.

The lovely Michelle from my Thursday and Tuesday class (she comes to 2 classes month!) had a finish

Her clutch made from my pattern that was featured in the Inspirations Magazine a while back. We adapted it slightly.

Angela ( a crazy "virgin") also had a finish.

Very good for a beginner, wouldn't you say?

Till next time.
Jenny C