What a year it has been...................

This year has been both so very good ( the birth of our first grandchild, Finn), so very worrying (as both my parents have been very ill) and so very, very busy (teaching wise). And while I do love teaching embroidery and crazy quilting, I do find it tiring.
This year, along with my classes that are on going at the Patchwork Angel and Maleny Magic, I have travelled from Charleville to Norfolk Island. I have enjoyed teaching people from across Australia.

But, I am now "teached out". I still have 8 classes to go and then its Christmas with my little family.

Glorious Finn.

Stunning Norfolk Island...................

What a pleasure it was teaching on this gorgeous island.

My favourite beach on the island - Emily Bay - perfect for swimming (which I absolutely love to do)

Its an island with the most fascinating history.

I have made all the samples for this years classes so I decided that I would like to "finish" a sane quilt. I looked at my pile of quilt tops (most are vintage, so they will need soaking etc) - too much like hard work, I thought.

A few years ago, I cut all my ugly fabrics into 31/2'' squares. Most of these fabrics I have had for about 30 years !!!!

I simply turned the squares into a half square triangle scrap quilt.

I basted ...............

On my patio.................

I decided to quilt it with Perle #8 ( and, yes, I do work in a mess)

I collected my quilting tools -  and no, those are not condoms!!!!

I found this perfectly ugly little sewing basket a while back at an op-shop.

I had lots of HST left so I simply covered hexagon papers with them - I also love EPP - and turned them into this!

I am so enjoying getting back to hand quilting.

And for those of you who so kindly ask about why I have not blogged for a while, I have had a lot on my mind. I promise to be better at it next year.
Jenny C