Inspirations Magazine and a quilt show

Honestly, being featured in the very beautiful "Inspirations Magazine" again, is a career highlight for me. I feel so privileged.
Here is a link to the magazines website:

The standard of all work in the magazine is awe inspiring, so I really feel the pressure when designing and stitching for the magazine. A big thank to Ellaine Bronsert for invitation.

The attention to detail of their embroidery instructions is quite something.

I was once again invited by the lovely ladies of the Maleny Quota show to have an exhibition of my work. This is the third time I have exhibited there, so I asked if I could display all the things I love to do. They said YES. So, I packed up a few bits and bobs............

Crazy quilting ( the top left crazy is not mine; its the work done by Linda in my Maleny workshops)

For the last 32 years I have spent all my free time: watching tv, travelling in cars, at sporting events etc etc doing EEP. It is my yoga and I LOVE it!!!

Did I say I love doing English paper piecing?? another love of mine is hand quilting.

Over the years I have collected vintage quilts and blocks - but I enjoy buying ones that are not completed. Working with vintage and repurposed fabric has always been a joy for me.

I had quite a lot of WIP's on display because I do hop from one project to another all the time.

My embroidery.

Fabric twine - my second yoga!

Boro - oh, how I enjoy doing this too - its a great background for embroidery.

Repurposing !!! Love!!

I got to chat to so many people about my passion - it was a very fun weekend.
Thanks Linda, and the Maleny Quota ladies.
 Until next time.
Jenny C


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