Heather's crazy

Heather joined my classes as a very proficient embroiderer.
She is one of those neat, tidy and organised people (everything I am not)

She was lovely to have in the classes.

She took her time, which is great.

The care she took in each stitch is evident in her work.

Every stitch in its place

Heather's crazy is clear and uncluttered

Fresh and modern

Perfect amount of detail in her seam treatments. Hard to believe that these blocks are just 6".

Bye for now Heather. Thank you for allowing me to share your really lovely work.


  1. Jenny, thank you for your lovely words and for guiding me through my first journey into the "world of Crazy"! Looking at it now i find it hard to believe I did all that work over 12 months! The three panels are off to framer tomorrow. Will send photo when they are hanging on wall! H x

  2. Hi Heather,
    Its a pleasure!


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