crazy quilting by Joy - Rothwell workshops

Joy's work is delicate and fine, just like Joy herself!!

Her colour palette is gorgeous too.

She loves roses and antique colours. Feather stitch, silk ribbon embroidery and herringbone.

Gorgeous vintage button cluster.

Bullion roses, feather stitch and chevron ......... so good.

..........pistil stitch, silk roses and feather stitch........

Isn't the herringbone seam treatment amazing - all the stitches so even....

I love this block - chain stitch with beads, lots of feather and ribbon herringbone. So lovely, Joy.

Beaded feather, more pretty buttons and bullion roses.

For some reason the lighting at Rothwell did not allow for clear photos.
Anita, if you are reading this post, please could you send some photos of your work and your Mom's? Mine were awful!!!
Thank you, Joy for allowing me to share your very beautiful work.