Home alone, quilts and classes

I spent a weekend alone - which, was quite nice - spent my time eating, having a few wines and covering hexagons - a well needed break.

I managed to hand quilt this giant quilt in just 5 days - perfect timing for my husband to take it with him to Canberra - my son and his fiancé have just bought their first home!

Congratulations to Cheryl and Gail who both won first prizes for their crazy quilting at the Nambour Show!

Rosemary's crazy hexagons are coming along very nicely..............

................lots of family treasures kept over the years.

Lorrae ands I have spent a few months transforming this backstitch pattern into something gorgeous.

"Oh bless", Angie, one of my new students has taken to crazy quilting like a duck to water. After completing my beginner classes she is now working on a QUEEN size crazy !!

Her work is striking and vibrant!!

Christina - another newby - has also decided to continue after the beginner classes.

Rhoda's crazy is made up of vintage ties.

And then onto lovely Jocoba, what a pleasure to have her in my classes (all of 7 years now)

Liz's work is delicate and very pretty.............
 I cannot wait to show her work - she has a few more seams to complete - watch this space..


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