Teaching crazy quilting...........................

I know that I have said so said so many times how much I love teaching crazy quilting. Everybody has their own take on the stitch combinations that I go through in my workshops - it's the aspect of teaching that I enjoy the most.

Elaine (Caboolture workshops) went through surgery between all the classes but you would never think so.

Her work is gorgeous - and her colour palette is so delicate. At the beginning of my workshops I go one and on about how important colour choice is - IT IS EVERYTHING!

My photography does not do Elaine's work justice - I apologise.

Silk ribbon embroidery.


The instructions for these agapanthus are found on page 86 of my book "Foolproof crazy quilting"

Alternating chain (page 70)

More beautiful silk ribbon embroidery.

Bullions and spider web roses............

Feather stitch and silk ribbon embroidery.

Thank you so much, Elaine, for allowing me to share your work.


  1. Your girls do such beautiful work. You must be a great teacher. I really enjoy looking at your blog.
    I bought your book and just finished making a large hexagon quilt myself.
    FredaB Chicago, IL

    1. Hi Freda, thank you very much for your lovely compliments. I will pass them onto my students - some of them have been coming to my classes for SEVEN years - so we are friends now - almost family.
      I would so love to see photos of your work. Could you email some to me at jenniferclouston@gmail.com ?


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