Saturday's class at the Patchwork Anel.

Penny had taken my quilt down (its on display at her shop) as she was waiting for an order of my books to come in, so it was a good opportunity to share the hexagons that are not included in the book with the Saturday class.

Jacoba had some of her hexagons to show us.

It was interesting to compare them - my quilt, the book and her hexie.

Jacoba's hexie is the one with the yellow beads.

Oh, now Paula has nearly completed her first crazy project. She is kept busy with he Alpacas - which she loves. Any, way I digress........... here is some of her beautiful work.

Aren't here colours gorgeous?

Buttons, lace and beading.

Interesting seam treatments.

Buttonhole wheels.

Ribbon couching.

Feather stitch.

Silk ribbon embroidery.

One of my hexies not is not included in "Foolproof crazy Quilting"

Thank you, Paula for allowing me to share your beautiful work.