The question regarding needles often raises its head during my classes.
I also see many of you looking through "hundreds" of needles, trying to find the "right" one.

I use only two types of needles - Chenille #22 and Milliners #3 - #9 - and very occasionally a beading needle.

When using silk ribbon, twisted silk, rayon and metallic threads a Chenille #22 works perfectly.
The big eye allows for easy threading, combatting the problem of the "untwisting" which results in knotting of the thread.
The thicker needle creates a generous hole in the layers of fabric, allowing the delicate threads to pass though the fabric with out too much friction - which, in turn, lessens the damage of the thread.
Don't forget to pull your Metallic threads through "thread heaven" to settle those prickly fibres.

I use milliners needles for the remaining threads - including beading - I find that the #9 needles goes through most beads, I do, however, keep beading needles on hand for those tiny, tiny beads.
So to recap, you need a packet of Chenille #22 and Milliners assorted (#3 -#9)
Bohin is my preferred brand of needles.
The Patchwork Angel has all the above in stock.


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