The right tools for the right job..............

I think that if we have the right tools, all our work is a lot easier.....
I have an absolute "thing" about Bohin needles - to me they are just the best - for crazy I like to have milliners (assorted), chenille (assorted), beading and embroidery crewel (assorted).

I bead with a monofilament thread and I use a tiny little pincushion made by Pamela - just the perfect size to keep the few needles I need for my project at hand.

All my beads are kept in these new caddies of mine ordered from a Sydney company - Craftainers.

This little coffee cup glued to it's saucer is perfect as my thread catcher and a place for thimbles, scissors and "Thread Heaven" - a must when using metallic and rayon threads.

Applique glue - holds my lace and other fabric embellishments in place for me to stitch down.

I don't know what these are called but I bought them from an art supply shop - I find them very useful for drawing curved shapes - ferns etc. The best marking pencil I have found is by "Sewline".

Masking tape - I able to write little notes to myself which I stick to my work. This has proved very helpful with teaching - the girls can write all their homework on the exact place where the embroidery needs to be done.

The little jar top stops the beads from running across the desk as I am trying to pick them up......

Naturally, I like to have as many different types of threads and silk ribbons as possible.

I am very fortunate to work at a patchwork shop so I am able to buy most of my supplies from



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