Pentagons, a hexagon and embroidery

I made this sweet little bag a while back.

The fabric I used is yarn dyed fabric from . These fabrics are beautiful and so lovely to work with.

As usual, with all my embroidery, I stabilize the fabric with a non-woven fabric stabilizer from This is my preferred stabilizer as it not not "beard" and it keeps the integrity of the fabric it is fused to eg. linen still feels and looks like linen. 

The base of the bag is a hexagon and pentagons make up the body of the bag.

Cut the papers of the pentagons from light weight cardboard (manila folders are perfect). The piece of fabric for the embroidery must be cut with a 1/2'' seam allowance to allow for the English Paper piecing technique.

PS. if you would like the patterns for the pentagons and hexagon please email me

The embroidery on the pentagons is simple - stem stitch, lazy daisy, twisted chain, colonial knots, stab stitch etc

I worked in a very fine wool thread but any thread will work.

All of these  stitches are found in my book FOOLPROOF FLOWER EMBROIDERY


It is important to note the the shapes of the first row of pentagons (along the side the hexagon) have the base of the flowers along the flat side. The second row has the base for the flowers on one of the points.

Cover and baste the papers with the embroidered fabric pieces and then make up the bag joining all the pieces with a whip stitch. Follow the photo above for placement.

Repeat the whole process of English Paper piecing (no embroidery) with a lining fabric.

Make little tabs for the cord and place them along the top if the bag. 

Place the lining fabric into the bag (wrong sides together) and stitch along the top to close - securing the tabs as you go.

Once that is done I seeded the of the bag (through both layers) with a crochet cotton and then added a herringbone stitch along the seams.

Thread your cord through the loops and add a little something to cover the raw edges.



Till next time.

Jenny C


  1. Thank you Jenny. Another Christmas present taken care of. And one for myself too. I just love your work. And I have so many lovely wool threads waiting to be used.

  2. Just needed to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing Foolproof C Q - you set me free to play with crazy quilting in a way I was comfortable with. And having prowled through this blog I find even more to enthuse about.
    I do hope you and yours are staying safe and well. Charlotte in California


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